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Natalie’s Story 

After I had my now 3 year old son, I hit an all-time low in self esteem. I didn’t realize the toll that pregnancy had taken on my body, and one day I laid him down for his nap, and I looked in the mirror, and my body looked like a completely different person. It was shocking, and it was heartbreaking. The body I was once proud to be in, now felt like a prison that I was stuck in. I started to cry, feeling hopeless. I was a new mom, which made me feel like I had lost myself, but also that I had lost myself in my new body. 

I decided I want to get back to the gym, but I was too embarrassed to go to the supplement store to get preworkout. So I asked Johnny to go for me. The rep at the supplement store told him, we don’t have specific women’s preworkout for her, but if these ones we have are too strong, then she can have half a scoop. 

First I was frustrated, that one, I already felt excluded from the fitness industry because of the fitness models they showed, knowing my body looked nothing like that. And two, I also felt extremely underserved and excluded that there was nothing specifically for me to get to that point. Surely, if I felt this way, there were thousands of other women out there who felt the same way I did. How was it possible that there was absolutely nothing on the market for women specifically? Keep in mind, this was only 3 years ago. 

Johnny and I were at lunch one day and it dawned on both of us, what if we could make a difference for other women out there? What if we created a “women’s preworkout company?”

We felt strongly that we could create something to fill this massive gap in the fitness industry. After talking to many girls, we realized quickly that so many of them would love to have preworkout specifically catered to their needs.

However… We were met with extreme adversity and criticism for our ideas. Left and right, supplement store owners, fitness veterans, friends, family, you name it, all told us that it was impossible to introduce this kind of product into the market. We also 

realized that women’s voices were being overlooked and unheard. 

With very little money, or experience, but a determination and fire within us, we began to do a lot of research, networking, and finding people who took us seriously enough, at least to get us started in the right direction. Luckily we found the right people to help us bring our vision to life. 

What started as five orders a week, being packaged with love by us in our little condo, has now grown to a community worldwide. What’s unique about Peachy is that we are our own little niche in the fitness community, because we welcome EVERYONE. 









If you are someone out there who is struggling with your fitness journey, I’ve been there. I know what it looks like to stare in the mirror and not recognize yourself. I know what it feels like to feel like you don’t belong at the gym, or you don’t even know where to start. 

Let me say this - YOU are welcome here. You are wanted here. You are perfect just the way you are right now, in this moment. You are strong, capable, and by taking Peachy, you’re taking the first step to becoming the best version of yourself. Peachy can bridge the gap you feel right now. It will help you go from unmotivated and struggling, to excited and rejuvenated. And along with your Peachy pods, comes a Peachy fam that will back you up no matter what, and give you the support that you need to keep moving forward. 


We can’t wait to see you crush all of your goals! And know that we are here every step of the way.





The mission of Peachy is to help women feel confident in the gym and in their own bodies. To help them progress both in fitness and in their lives. To create a healthy relationship with exercise. We help women to look forward to their workouts. We are a size-inclusive, body diverse brand. We exclude no one from our Peachy fam. No matter if you are just a beginner, or are a bikini competitor, all are welcome within our brand and within our family. We support each woman’s journey, and encourage all women to support one another in the gym, and to not compare or put others down. We want women to feel proud of where they are at, to accept where they are at, and to know that happiness is found in progression all while giving yourself grace along the way.